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Miss Mercedes Gil García is the founder and main member of Eleva 2 Alta Gestión. She is “Member of the Board Directive of the Spanish Highly –gifted and talented people Association (AEST)” as well as an Official Member of International High IQ Society, with a large experience of continuous years dedicated to the researching in talents, intellectual capacities, emotional intelligence and human development. She is intellectually highly gifted and has more than 10 years of experience in directive positions in both national and international level, leading teams, using her own techniques in them as in the companies. She is characterized for an innate leadership based in the enhancement of the abilities and development of the talents of her collaborators.

Miss Mercedes Gil García is an Agronomist-Industries Engineering (9.5s/10P. F.C) graduated in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, at the moment she is studying 5th year of Law in the Complutense, University of Madrid. She has attended many masters and superior courses, such us: Master in   Master Environment Management (Average Grade: 9.5 points), Ecological Research Institute of Malaga, Master in Business  Administration, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Quality control statistics experts, graduated from Civil Construction Technical Engineering of Madrid, Structures ´s Design and Calculus by computer, graduated from I.B.M, Computer Technical Expert, Architecture School of Madrid, New Law of Urbanistical Planning, National Confederation Construction, Zaragoza. High degree of Electoral Campaign Management at Law University, Pontificia Comillas University. Design and Calculus of solar panels, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Greenhouse Course, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Meeting Malherbologia” Society, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Protection Land Biological Agricultural, Healthy Life Association. Biological Agricultural an other alternatives in the rural environment, Healthy Life Association. International Political and electoral Communication, the Graduate school of Political Management of George Washington University in collaboration with Mas Consulting Group…

Besides she is a writer, a script writer of films, and a member of many social gatherings in many digital media, she visits and participates on television, radio, lectures and seminars.